It’s natural to have the urge to roll onto your couch and binge-watch Netflix after an appetizing and filling meal. However, following dinner and drinks at one of Toronto’s supper clubs you’ll instead find yourself on the dance floor or lounge engaged in deep conversation without, you know, having to scream over the sound system.

Defense and aerospace[edit]Supper clubs are exactly what the name suggests, an upscale restaurant that later turns into a nightclub. These one-stop destinations offer a lavish meal, an extensive drink menu, and entertainment that last well into the evening. While downtown Toronto has more than enough bars and lounges to experience, supper clubs tend to attract a more trendy and mature crowd while providing an intimate setting.

These seven Toronto supper clubs stand apart from the pack for their quality of food and drink menus, after-work specials, ambience, service, the type of crowd, and overall nightlife experience. Of course, this is just a handful of them so be sure to view the completelisting of supper clubs in Torontofor more options. If we’ve missed an establishment that deserves to be listed make sure to leave a suggestion below. And if you know anyone looking for a recommendation for his or her birthday or special occasion be sure to share this post.

Drinks arent my style, no vodka in house. I had the most horrible experience at this place. This was resulted from horrible behaviour of serves and their cash and debit only method of payment. Three of us ordered a few drinks, but at the bill time none of our cards were found acceptable.

  • Dupont Street, Toronto, Ont., M5R 1V7
  • Network at the Tech Startup Happy Hour + join the convo
  • Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9
  • Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M8E 1E1
  • How many plans do you provide
  • Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1R7
  • Yonge St Suite #8, Toronto, ON M5B 1S8
  • The Addisons(456 Wellington St. W)

They asked us to go and get cash from a nearby ATM thru our credit cards (nobody had debit or cash). We tried and explained to them about the 20% interest and hit to credit score and instead we suggested paying the bill thru money transfer if they discount the charge from the bill.

We agreed to use the cash back on cc at a nearby store to pay. On the way to the nearby store we start receiving miserable behaviour from the serve accompanying us which seemed to be owner or manager. Last comment really hit me. We are buying crap we don’t need and going through hell to pay you and you say this!

The craft cocktails are great, but you must try the duck wings!

College cafeteria[edit]

They are horrible rude people, stay away if you do not want to be bullied on your Saturday night. You’re probably going to come here for drinks while you wait for a table at the Black Hoof. The craft cocktails are great, but you must try the duck wings! The wings were meaty and rich. Tossed in buffalo sauce with a bit of blue cheese dressing.

I’ve sometimes found blue cheese so strong that it takes away from the flavour of the meat. This wasn’t the case here. We came here AFTER our meal at the Black Hoof. My friends told me to save room for the wings because they were really good, and I’m glad I did. Like others have mentioned, they only take cash or Canadian debit. Unbelievably incredible cocktails. Perfection.

This place has a very cute and charming atmosphere.

Big In Japan highly recommended! Love the decor and vibe here. I’ve tried Corpse Revivers throughout the city and I’ve yet to find a worthy adversary to Cocktail Bar. This place has a very cute and charming atmosphere. Like Hamptons beachy, yet cozy and downtown stylish.

Great music. I’ve heard the owner (Jen Agg) will test the optimal volume by sitting in different seats. Which reminds me, I read a great profile on her in Toronto Life this year, which made me finally visit this place. I recommend that article, it is always nice to know who you are supporting and the origins of what you are supporting.